With the kids well over a month into the new school year, I’ve recently found myself reflecting on my time as a student and new graduate – a time when I was eager to join the workforce and learn.

In June 2010, I was officially hired into the OMERS Capital Markets Rotation Program, where for two years, I was able to rotate through the equity and credit research, risk management, global macro, hedge fund management and fixed income and currency teams – which ultimately led me to a full-time position at OMERS. Since that time, I have been humbled to hold many roles, including leading the liquidity team, Currency Center of Excellence, trading team, strategic initiatives, portfolio analytics, while managing a global cross asset portfolio at OMERS Capital Markets. I truly believe the experience gained and the relationships developed in the Program, have been key to the little success I have had at OMERS.

Over the Summer, I was asked to moderate a panel that included participants from cohort two of the Investment Analyst Rotation Program (IRP). As a graduate (and advocate) of the Program – I’m delighted to know a refreshed version is still in place to give new grads the opportunity to cycle through our real estate, infrastructure, private equity, capital markets, growth equity and total portfolio management businesses. The Program provides new graduates with the training, mentorship and guidance needed to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Mentorship has been extremely valuable in my own career. Having mentors has helped me steepen my learning curve and develop skills that allowed me to wear many hats and pursue my dream of becoming a well-rounded investor and leader.

It’s clear growth and development is (and has been for many years) a priority for OMERS. I am proud to share that each IRP participant on this summer’s panel, has now completed their time in the Program and has moved onto a permanent role within the organization. I look forward to working alongside each of them as they progress in their careers. And I’m always happy to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders (within and outside of OMERS) if they ever need advice, guidance or any help I can offer.